troll... two... three... four

written by steve smallman

published by parragon books

My first book for a British publisher! Every troll you see on the cover shows up in every group scene, which means over TWENTY unique trolls to draw (there are some hiding on the back cover, too).


I was lucky enough to get to sneak my sweet cat, Bebop (photo of him below in his business casual tie), into some of the spreads, too. Bebop has since passed away, sadly, but I love to know kids are meeting him (and hopefully loving him) in TROLL.


The trolls are coming! When the trolls march from Troll Land into People World, everyone runs to hide. Can one little boy help the trolls and humans get along? Find out in Troll... Two... Three... Four..., this funny yet heart-warming rhyme of fear, acceptance, and friendship. This story by award-winning author Steve Smallman.

Parragon, 9781472329257, 32pp.