how to

negotiate everything

written by lisa lutz

published by simon & schuster

My favorite Lisa Lutz, author of THE SPELLMAN FILES series for adults, wrote this hilarious tongue-in-cheek book (it even appears in THE TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS (book 5)). It's as much for adults as it is for Junior Machiavellis in the 5 to 8 year olds range. A perfect present for anyone graduating from kindergarten, law school or an MBA program. Here's what some people say:

“What’s in these pages hits the right notes of wit, nuance, and sophistication for an audience with a burgeoning sense of confidence.”

— Publishers Weekly

"Negotiation between parent and offspring may be out of fashion with child development experts, but don't tell that to parents in the midst of a chicken-nugget-vs.-spinach showdown. Fashioned as a motivational manual ("Have you ever wanted something and didn't get it?" "We feel your pain"), this humorous book shows children how to turn the tables in their favor. "There are very few things in life that you can't get if you ask for them in a rational manner and offer something in return. That's called 'negotiating.'" Watch they don't learn too well."

— New York Times

Have you ever wanted something and been told “No”? Then this is the book for you. Through several simple steps, you will learn the best way to ask for what you want, how to ask for more of what you want, and the importance of not overreaching. With helpful illustrations and a complete glossary, there is no end to what these skills can get you. 


Straight out of the pages of the New York Times bestselling Trail of the Spellmans, authors David Spellman and Lisa Lutz and illustrator Jaime Temairik show you that it is possible to negotiate for everything. Even an elephant!

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 9781442451193, 32pp.

Simon and Schuster picture book How To Negotiate Everything by Lisa Lutz and Jaime Temairik